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    • My parents dont let me buy merch

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    • Play speed run two

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  • It was so cool that video game day car but it was a little bit scary 😱😱😱😱😃

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  • I now the good ending of decker 2 but I am not telling

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  • you mean 7 millon

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  • hey kev play call of duty cold war

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  • that is the same monster with rambow stars

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  • 👋

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  • Sorry I didn’t get your Mach yet I really want your mrch I love your video

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  • I’ve bean here Sense the beginning

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  • hi gwk gamingwithkev

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  • Gamingwithkev play all the game is super epic!!!!!!!!

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  • Gamingwithkev play all the is so good!!!!!

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  • We love you tho

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  • Ok!!!!!!!!!

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  • Am i in the family yet? :(

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  • You got 7m subs

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  • your the BEST ha ha ha ha ha I Love you

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  • Quick easy access with great 👍🏾

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  • I can hear you in cafeteria and like nom nom nom

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  • That was the way that was me with the smiling face be like what does smiling mean face be like

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  • I got the bad ending to this but I don't know the good ending hope this video has the good ending

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  • Omg you are ultra good at soccer😯

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  • You are so cool

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  • I completed i got a secret ending in daycare 1

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  • Name db3ricckk

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  • Can you play with me

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  • sarah:come downstairs i have breakfast :kevin: *jumps off the stairs me: ._.

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    • Yaye

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  • N Rey

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  • im in love sike

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  • Game with kev is 31 years old

    • My dads older he 40

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  • Haha boo boo boo

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  • Game up with you you know you see it on the daycare teachers are saying they’re so funny😂😂😂😂

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  • Hello Kev!!

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  • All i see is 8 and 2 hours ago comments...guess we all months late-

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    • I was just thinking that-

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    beast mode for daysbeast mode for days6 օր առաջ
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    • Hi kev😃😃

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  • That monster was so scary it wasn’t Lilly she died at the end

    Loyee KazahLoyee Kazah6 օր առաջ
  • the monster was lilly from the last daycare story

    Samantha ShineSamantha Shine6 օր առաջ
  • Kev : Go in the elevator. Also Kev: Oh its not working. Me: The power is gone kev of course it dosent work.

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  • The Lil guy on his shoulder is pinkleaf

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  • when you said where u all of u will die was funny

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  • your merch is nice and cool where it to school

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  • is it just me or everbody else heard it he was making weird sounds on the swing lmao

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  • Your Much is so cool

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  • Ohhhh gamingwithkev

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  • gamin yuo are my best and 1st best yuotuber

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  • Hi gamingwithkev my name is shihan and like you videos I am known as a train spoter this video was nice

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    • Ah yes my favorite youtuber gamidwikev

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    • he doesnt even know you username lolz

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    • too bad

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  • i love you vedo

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  • You make me laugh

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  • I love when your player comes out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Do the good ending sometime

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  • Kev you are good at games and we all love you

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  • 9:47 anyone else heard that lion roar?

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    • I heared that lion roar

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